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Foundation of the company

In line with the order titled “Foundation of a repair and tool plant” as of 15.04.2003, the Instrument, Maintenance and Repair Plant (InTekhRemont) was established.

The new workflow for production of anisotropic electrical steel allowed NLMK to ensure:

  • Homogeneous structure and stable magnetic characteristics along the full length of strips due to reduction of impurities in steel and production of 20-tonne hot-rolled coils.

  • Steel ductility and drop in the consumption index by 1.3 times, in spite of an increase in silicon content to 3.20%.

  • Doubling of high grade steel production and improvement of its competitiveness.

Following the new workflow implementation, outdated production facilities electric arc furnace shop and flat rolling shop No. 1 were decommissioned, which enabled the plant to reduce its environmental impact significantly. The new equipment was commissioned as part of the Technical Upgrade Programme launched at NLMK in 2000.

On 15 February 2003, the beneficiation plant of Stoilensky produced record output of 36,400 tonnes of iron ore concentrate, with the daily target of 33,400 tonnes.

In November 2003, Stoilensky set a record in delivery volume. Steelworkers received 1.173 million tonnes of iron ore (1.002,4 million tonnes of concentrate and 170,600 tonnes of sinter ore).

InTechRemont becomes part of NLMK Group

The plant is included in NLMK Group's Long Division.

In 2008 NLMK completed the acquisition of 100% stakes in Novexco (Cyprus) Limited in Cyprus and Novex Trading (Swiss) S.A. in Switzerland, both trading companies. This transaction was in line with the Company’s strategy to establish an international trading department.

The acquisition of these trading companies was instrumental to improve control over the Company’s export sales to core markets and enabled it to consolidate revenue from trading companies.

In 2008 NLMK commissioned a laser beam machine and developed a technology for GO steel laser processing with a specific loss rate of P1.7/50≤1.00 W/kg. Use of this steel allowed the Company to reduce electrical operating costs by 10%.

NLMK Long managing company takes over the control of the plant

NLMK Long consolidates NLMK Group's long product companies under its common control: NLMK Vtorchermet, NLMK Ural, NLMK Metalware, NLMK Kaluga and InTekhRemont plant.

In 2009 NLMK entirely stopped discharging waste water into the Voronezh River, as part of the Technical Upgrade Programme, reducing river water consumption by two thirds. The company was able to do this by substantially upgrading the industrial water supply system and implementing a new process flow. NLMK built a new pipeline system and launched new pump stations, also renovating the existing ones. This helped improve waste water quality, making it possible to reuse waste water rather than taking in fresh river water.


InTechRemont plant renamed to NLMK-Ural Service.

Independent service company

Currently, NLMK-Ural Service is an independent service company for repair and maintenance of steelmaking equipment. The equipment of the plant provides a full cycle of spare parts manufacturing: from billets to finished goods.