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About NLMK-Ural Service

The company’s product mix boasts more than 18,000 items

NLMK-Ural Service is a service company offering repair and maintenance services for steelmakers and producing a broad range of spare parts. The company is managed by NLMK Long managing company. Located in Revda, Sverdlovsk region.

NLMK Long is a managing company with umbrella structure uniting the companies of NLMK Group's Long Products Division, one of the largest manufacturers of long products and metalware in Russia. NLMK Long operates the capacities that form a closed production cycle from ferrous scrap collection and processing to the production of HVA steel products, such as rebar, wire rod, and metalware.

  • 630

    employees work at the plant

  • >1.6

    million rubles allocated in 2017 to cover the kindergarten fees of the plant's employees

  • >2.2

    million rubles allocated in 2017 to health improvement efforts for the plant's employees and their families