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Personnel development

NLMK-Ural Service sees investment in personnel development as a prerequisite for the Company's long-term competitiveness and dynamic development.

High-quality professional training provides the level of employee qualification necessary for solving professional challenges. It also increases employee loyalty, forms a favourable social and psychological climate in the workplace and has a direct impact on the development of corporate culture.

To improve the quality of vocational training and further training there is also a programme aimed at training corporate instructors and mentors.

In 2015, the companies in NLMK Group's Long Products Division launched the Corporate Instructor project. As part of this project, leading employees receive training in teaching professional and develop a proprietary instructional programme aimed at sharing their knowledge and skills with their colleagues.

Only in 2016 – 2017, the project resulted in 28 teaching programmes with lecture materials, case studies, tests and workbooks developed by corporate teachers.

Also in 2015, there was a training programme for mentors who share their professional expertise during the onboarding process of young professionals. The programme for mentors includes fundamentals of education and organization of teaching process on-site.

Main areas of development

  • versatility training;
  • professional mentoring;
  • professional training;
  • development programmes for all types of professional activity;
  • shaping and training of the talent pool;
  • top management training.

Employee training system is designed to meet the individual needs of departments and jobs, modern requirements to the level of personnel qualification.

Professional competitoons

Every year the company holds Best in Profession competitions to improve the prestige of working professions, develop technical creativity, encourage the employees to improve their labour productivity and qualification. The competition helps to identify and support the most promising and effective working employees and to promote professional growth of young workers.

Any blue-collar worker who was admitted to perform qualified work for profession for which there is a competition. The level of theoretical training and practical skills of participants is determined by the test questions and practical tasks.

Corporate Teacher project allows to improve the skills of staff through its own human resources. Employees take additional training - learn the principles and features of educational process, as well as develop their own methodical programme in their field and then proceed to train colleagues, which takes place in the training centre.

Participants of the project are qualified staff with higher education and extensive experience in their field.