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13 July 2017

NLMK Long's 225 employees will receive Steelmaker’s Day awards

NLMK Ural, NLMK Metalware and NLMK-Ural Service (part of NLMK Group's Russian Long Products Division) will celebrate Steelmaker's Day, at which workers will receive letters of gratitude.

In addition to federal, regional and municipal awards, steelmakers who contributed to the development of production will receive letters of gratitude and commendations from the management. Photos of 52 employees will be put on Awards and Recognition Board.

The award ceremony will take place at corporate celebrations, which will be held in Revda, Beryozovsky and Nizhniye Sergi.

In Revda, 115 workers will receive awards: 6 from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and 20 from regional authorities.

At the celebration of Steelmaker’s Day in Beryozovsky, employees will receive 79 awards, including 2 from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and 7 from regional authorities. Also 3 employees will be awarded "Honourable metalware maker” title and another one will receive an honorary certificate from "Prommetiz” Association of Manufacturers of Metal Products.

In Nizhniye Sergi steelmakers will receive 31 awards, including two from Western Administrative District of the Sverdlovsk Region.

Every year NLMK Long's employees receive commendations and letters of gratitude for their contribution into the industry. The companies have programmes aimed at professional development and staff training. In 2016, 202 employees received awards. In 2017, Elena Utkina, head of the technical department of NLMK Metalware, was also awarded with a medal of "Prommetiz” association for her contribution to the development of the metalware industry.