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19 July 2017

NLMK Long selected ”Best in Profession”

More than 240 employees of the Long Products Division participated in professional excellence competitions. Workers of 23 steelmaking specialities from all over the Sverdlovsk region competed for the "Best in Profession” title.

Steel smelters, steelmaker's assistant, roller driver, turner, crane operator, gas cutter, driver, laboratory assistant and many others took part in the competitions. Competitions for the title of "Best in Profession" took place at the production sites of NLMK Ural, NLMK Kaluga, NLMK Metalware, NLMK-Ural Service and NLMK Ural's Vtorchermet.

The competitions consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical. Panel of experts evaluated the participants’ knowledge of theory, the time it took them to complete tasks, how accurate they were and their compliance with the OHS rules.

"Competitions of professional skills are an excellent opportunity for employees to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Employees are not only involved in the competitive process, but also are sincerely trying to help their colleagues. This is why this practice promotes professional growth and increases team spirit” - said Olga Golomolzina, Head of Personnel Training and Development Department at NLMK Ural.

The winners were awarded bonuses and corporate awards during the celebration of the Steelmaker's Day.