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6 April 2017

NLMK-Ural Service upgrades its loading equipment

NLMK-Ural Service has completed the installation of a crane manipulator on the freight transport, which will increase safety and make loading and unloading operations more efficient.

NLMK-Ural Service is a state-of-the-art company engaged in repair and maintenance of steelmaking equipment and spare parts manufacturing. Its employees regularly transport and store finished goods, spare parts and incoming materials.

The new FASSI lifting and transporting device equipped with operator's seat provides a complete overview of loading and unloading operations. Previously, an operator would control the crane standing on the ground, which made it impossible to observe the territory around the machine and lowered the safety of the stock handling process.

KAMAZ truck was chosen as a base for additional equipment; now it combines the functions of a truck and a crane. High capacity of the new truck - up to 6.2 tonnes - increases the efficiency of operations.

The project was implemented as part of the "In Search of Safety" programme, which is underway at all the companies of NLMK Group's Long Division. The programme is aimed at improving safety at work and working conditions.

The capex for the project was over 2 million rubles.