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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency
NLMK-Ural Service strives to operate at least possible costs. To achieve this, the company implements programmes aimed at improving the efficiency of production, including integration of energy-saving technologies into production processes.

Key elements of our strategy aimed at enhancing energy efficiency include

  • Continuous improvement of production processes to reduce the consumption of energy;
  • Technological modernization, equipment upgrades, use of new technologies;
  • Improvement of energy consumption management systems;
  • Compliance with the laws regulating resource consumption.

Energy conservation and efficiency programme has been developed at NLMK-Ural Service.

The Programme is aimed to intensify practical actions to expand the set of tool for the implementation of energy conservation policies that can reduce energy intensity by at least 15% by 2020 vs. 2014, in particular through the following priority areas:

  • Ramp-up comprehensive fitting out with tools for accounting, monitoring and automatic regulation of energy consumption;
  • Improvement and increased reliability of accounting data of fuel and energy consumption;
  • Focus of financial and labour resources on overhauls and scheduled repairs of power equipment and networks;
  • Active upgrade of the plant's facilities with new energy- and resource-saving technologies and equipment, automated and IT systems.

To achieve these goals, it is necessary to solve the following tasks:

  • Ensure that employees are sufficiently qualified in energy saving, including through specialized programmes in educational institutions;
  • Expand the use of energy-saving technologies during upgrades, reconstruction and capital repairs of the plant's facilities;
  • Update the facilities with the help of new energy and resource-saving technologies and equipment, automated and IT systems;
  • Reduce specific fuel, electricity and heat consumption rates in boiler operations;
  • Improve energy efficiency, reduce the cost of feeding all types of energy resources (gas fuel, electric and thermal energy) to the plant's facilities.

The Programme implementation period: 2016-2020.

17,350 kWh — the amount of saved energy in the plant's office through the replacement of fluorescent lamps with LED lights.