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NLMK-Ural Service operates hazardous facilities and is responsible for the lives and health of its employees.

NLMK-Ural Service aims to constantly improve its occupational health and safety (OHS) performance through applying best available OHS practices, provision of incentives and by actively involving employees in the occupational safety programme.

  • Operational efficiency and stable business development
  • Higher labour productivity due to increased production efficiency
  • Reduced energy-intensity of production as a result of initiatives aimed at enhancing energy efficiency
  • Lower specific air emissions due to the implementation of modern technologies and environmental initiatives
  • Promoting better occupational safety through improvements to the OHS system

In 2016, a crane-manipulator unit with a seat HIAB 144 B2 DUO was purchased to ensure safe management and performance of loading and unloading operations.

This device helps to avoid the following risks:

  • Crane manipulator operator standing under the boom;

  • Moving cargo to the blind zone and loss of visual control over it;

  • Insufficient visibility of loading-unloading of cargo.

The investments amounted to RUB 2 m.